To possess a rapidly streaming website, you must have a clean and well written code. Inside the Web Control Panel, you will find a group of applications that can help you accelerate your site’s efficiency while not having to modify anything within the backend code. The Website Acceleration Tools – Memcached, Node.js and Varnish will not only assist you to provide speedier loading speeds to your site visitors and consequently decrease site exit rates, but will also drive your web site higher in the search engine rankings.

To utilize the Website Acceleration Tools, simply log in your Web Control Panel and produce an instance for the accelerator you like the most.


RAM–caching as opposed to data base calls

If you have a lively database–driven web site or application, it might have issues running quick for the site visitors due to the many different queries delivered to the database. To aid you solve the web–page loading difficulty, we have integrated the Memcached system inside the Web Control Panel.

Memcached is known as an effective distributed memory object caching platform, which collects information as well as objects in the server’s RAM to avoid the data base from getting queried any time a visitor opens up a certain webpage. In this way, your web site pages will load a lot faster for customers and will boost the chance for them to come back.

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RAM–storing instead of HTTP queries

There are quite a few solutions to hasten a web site, but many of them need a programmer to redo the code. There are more uncomplicated solutions for speeding up a web site, just like the Varnish website accelerator incorporated into the Web Control Panel.

Varnish represents a caching HTTP reverse proxy, which stores HTTP requests within the server RAM and returns them to the site visitor in place of expecting the web server to send them. Checks prove that utilizing Varnish on a web site as well as an application normally hurries up website speeds with a factor of 300 – 1000x. Varnish may well also be configured how to deal with arriving queries – if they must be processed by Varnish, by the server, and so forth.

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For establishing fast and flexible applications

Web developers can make use of Node.js with regard to developing all types of cutting–edge and cost–effective applications such as business measurement platforms, live apps and content management systems, to name some. It’s really turbo fast and scalable and is powered by an enthusiastic community that keeps developing and sustaining it.

Node.js is founded on the Google V8 JavaScript engine and additionally employs an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that makes the API accommodating and extensible. This kind of innovative formula enables developers to easily build up top rated web apps using only one language.

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